What is included in the price?

Our match tickets include:
- Delivery of ticket/tickets to you, either at home or to you accomodation
- A 24/7 emergency number in case of problems
- 100% delivery guarantee

When buying a package with tickets+hotel you also get:
- Two nights accomodation (or more if selected upon booking)
- Breakfast
- Local taxes

When buying a package with tickets+hotel+flight you also get:
- A round-trip flight to the city where the match is played

How do you get tickets?

We work closely with official ticket agents in England, Spain, France, Italy and Germany

How do I get my tickets delivered?

The tickets are generally delivered at your hotel's reception. The booking responsible can collect them when identifying him/herself. If you wish, we can also send the tickets to your home address before the game, but there will be additional costs due to the need for secure delivery.

Am I being placed beside my friend?

With Balltravels you will always sit with your friend! We guarantee that nobody will sit alone.

How many tickets do you have for each game?

We have a large number of tickets per game. Please note that the tickets for top matches are limited.

What happens if the match is canceled?

When the match is postponed to another date, you will receive a new ticket for that new date. If the game is completely canceled you will get your money back.

Which clothes can I wear on the match?

faq_23_clothes_answer=Although attending to the matches in our selection is completely safe, we recommend wearing the colours of the home team and not those from the opponent. Our football tickets are always for home games.


Remember to carry your ID always.

Travel insurance

You may find a Balltravels cancellation insurance and / or travel insurance with one of our partners. Send us an e-mail for more information at info@balltravels.com

What does 100% delivery guarantee mean?

We know that you as a traveler sometimes can be worried about how everything will work when completing a booking. With us you will have no hassle and you do not need to worry about your tickets not showing up etc. For this reason, in order to make you feel completely secure we have designed a 100% delivery guarantee which gives you the right to get all money back should there be any issues with the tickets etc.

What are the payment options?

After placing the order you will receive and electronic invoice (in pdf format). By paying this invoice you confirm the order. When your payment is received, the reservation is confirmed.

Credit/Debit card:
You can also pay directly on our website when making a booking. We use a reliable third party provider for secure payments.

What if I want to cancel the reservation?

Please contact us as soon as possible. Also contact your insurance company if you have signed a cancellation insurance. The following general conditions apply:

- The price of the ticket will not be reimbursed by the nature of our agreement with our suppliers
- Hotel costs will be paid back in accordance with the hotel policy
- Flight costs will be paid back in accordance with the policy of the flight company (they are in general very strict)

Don't you find the answer on your question? Contact us on info@balltravels.com and we will answer your question as soon as possible.